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Below is a list of online resources that relate to the Professional Profile of Daniel Roberts Newcastle. Daniel is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor and founder of Quantus Solutions (2013) he started his career in 2006 whist working for a traditional QS firm in the North of England. Today, Daniel lives in Sydney Australia and works between Newcastle and Sydney servicing clients ranging from home owners to sub contractors, banks to property developers. Daniel has worked on some the most exciting projects in the built environment and is always available to assist with projects large and small.

Daniel takes his professional obligations seriously and has attained various academic achievements ranging from tertiary education attained on a part time basis from Leeds Beckett University, has studied at Aberdeen University in Construction Law and is a longstanding member of the RICS. (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors).

Daniel is a professional director and has a proven track record for unpacking even the most complicated projects in the built environment. Daniel is dedicated to sustainability and has prepared dissertations in sustainable building components, is an entrepreneur and innovator for Hempcrete technologies and has various award nominations for success during the global pandemic of 2020 where he transformed projects.

Daniel is a property developer and licensed builder he is always available to discuss projects and may be contacted on 0473 473 799 or in person at the address below.

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Daniel Roberts , a Cancer Male. "Learn to love yourself before you love another"

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