Below are a copy of various industry colleagues that have offered supportive reference statements for Daniel Roberts in relation to his technical capabilities. Daniel Roberts is devoted to professional standards and is devoted to creating lasting change within the built environment.

Employee Testimonials

Madhu - Project Manager

"Having worked in various industries, for companies of various sizes, I believe I have found the best fit. We are of the right size and everybody, from directors to site staff are approachable and passionate about providing great service and a great product. Unusually for this day and age, we pride ourselves in our approach to clients, subbies, and suppliers. I genuinely look forward to coming to work with like-minded people.

As a young man forging a career in Accounting with no background in Construction, Daniel and Shashanth have given me the opportunity to develop and be capable of running several jobs at any one time. This development is aided by their willingness to place greater responsibility on the junior members of the team. This is something that has certainly helped accelerate my development within the discipline of Construction. I could not ask for a better working environment. You feel like you are working with friends rather than colleagues, with a good mix of both senior and younger members of the team.

I started working with Daniel Roberts in 2017 through a reference. Daniel has always given me the time and opportunity to develop my career further. We do this through regular reviews which allow discussion on personal development and enable us to consider qualifications that best suit the requirements. I have worked with him in several roles which has helped my confidence and allowed me to progress both in my career and personally.

Being a part of a reliable team has allowed me to be immersed in many different aspects of construction, and general project activities. This experience is enhanced by being a part of a small private company where daily involvement includes constant interaction with the principal staff. Currently I am focused on better procurement, site health and safety, staff hiring procedures and financial analysis. I have also been allowed the opportunity to employ my skills as a Project Manager for job sites under construction.

As a Project Manager, I get to work on projects from inception to final finishes of construction. The company continues to be supportive of continued education for employees by providing various avenues, and hosting lunch-and-learns. I have the opportunity to work on projects of varying size and complexity.

I have been fascinated by how much I have learned. I had never really considered working in construction before, but I love working for Daniel and Shashanth because I get to learn something new daily. Knowing that there are new challenges on a daily basis keeps me excited to show up every single day. I am determined to find out how far I can push myself to continue to learn. When there is something I don’t know how to do, I know I can seek out help from both of them. It helps me to be able to draw from their knowledge and experience.

Management have taught me how to work smarter and value quality in everything I do. Not only are the people I work with very hard working, but there’s always laughter on the job. We know how to have a good time, even on the hard, frustrating days. And we know how to get A LOT of work done while we have fun. Every day is fulfilling because we work together as a team to get the job done."