Private Equity

What is Private Equity?

Private equity is the "hurt" money required to bring a project from concept to commercial finance. Traditionally financial initiations offer funding ranging from 45 to 60% of the Gross Realisation Value (GRV), the balance of funding has to be provided upfront and in full prior to a development securing funding.

This period can be very challenging for developers as it may take many months and sometimes years to manage approvals, service any debts on the land (without income) pay for advertising, organise consultants and reports, undertake site remediation, demolition and infrastructure upgrades.

Most financiers shall lend around 50% of the land value and 50% of the development costs.

Quantus Solutions offers private equity in the form of knowledge capital, investment, management, innovation, value engineering, design development and cost planning that allows your development to move from concept to full finance. We offer a value add service including cost planning, cost management, project management, sourcing funds, direct investment, capital injection, joint ventures, shared savings agreements and introductions to quality and reliable financiers to ensure your development is a success.

Daniel Roberts is a professional director and can provide direct investment, mentorship, land accusation and development support all within a framework of trusted and sound financial planning from his traditional quantity surveying training and experience.

If you are looking for a unique partner for your development, Contact Daniel Roberts today on 0473 473 799 or email