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Quantus Solutions is founded by Daniel Roberts, a Newcastle and Sydney based property developer of small to medium scale residential developments. Our homes are unique and tailored from a different success matrix to traditional, old, outdated business models of the past.

The Quality of your Question Determines the Quality of your Life.

It became evident to Daniel in 2013 when he quit his day job as a Quantity Surveyor and became an independent entrepreneur, Daniel believes in himself, the dream is over, reality is upon us, it is unsustainable and the building and construction industry is broken.

Daniel was determined to do something about it and forensically reviewed every aspect of traditional business models to review precisely where the pitfalls and strengths are. And he found many.

The old building model of construction is dualistic in nature, traditional building companies, suppliers and stakeholders focus and base their priorities on a win lose business model. Builders and developers "shift the risk" based on two main factors, Cost $ and Time.

This is further compounded by an obsession to insure the risk. Workers are insured, buildings, banks and compensation is the natural consequence for any failure. Building products fail as they have been selected based on time and not implication to the environment. Toxic materials are everywhere, polystyrene, plastics and chemical based components. Often manufactured oversees without any appreciation for the miles, carbon and implication to the planet for their presence in our built environments.

Buildings have become a prison to their owners and workers, no longer a convenient medium of securatising debt. Completed homes and buildings are valuable to owners, banks print fresh debt against supposedly solid underlying assets where there is guaranteed revenue to service the loan such as tenants or owner occupiers. The faster we can manifest our built environments, the easier it is to go to the bank and get a loan or a refinance.

This seems like an innocent cycle, banks using an asset to print debt, tenants and occupiers collateralised to service the loan. Builders and developers expanding the built environment being rewarded and paid for their efforts.

But what if our builders and buildings fail us? Well the banks have that covered, they ensure insurance polices are in-place and the bureaucrats have legislated mandatory insurance to protect consumers and banks if a building or builder fails? A working system? Well not exactly....

The truth is, our buildings have failed and our builders have been conditioned to focus on time and cost rather than quality and implication. Around the time of Huxley homes collapse, the home building compensation fund collapsed, there was insufficient income to cover the claims. There is now only a single insurance provider, the Government, this is not a hallmark of success of the underlying industry, it feels more like a desperate merger of corporations and government, by definition, Fascism. We have to move away from this system without delay.

To make matters worse, there is a dark energy of risk avoidance and lack of accountability, a claims culture where seemingly innocent individuals, lawyers and consumers feel that it is acceptable to pass the risk and claim the insurance. But what we all failed to notice was that until we all win, no-one has won.

Also, the elephant in the room is, we can't insure failure of the environment.

Shifting the industry from I Care, to We Care.

The World Forgot that Insurance was Supposed to be For Last Resort!

All bad ideas start with good intention, when legislators made insurance compulsory for all consumer facing home builders, it was from a good place. Law makers genuinely wanted to protect the public from failure of building companies. At the start there was choice of policy and builders could select from a range of insurance providers. Today this is not the case, builders have failed us, and insurance companies have failed to hold the risk. The risk is too large and the building industry is left with a single Director of government to approve insurance policies, I Care. A nightmare of industry. Something needs to change.

History tells us this is not a healthy solution, we did not vote for a fascist dictatorship, we earned one through our individual and industry decisions. Passing the risk from one person to another and cultivating a claims culture at every level of the industry. Everyone has been under pressure, private certifiers have been almost completely rendered out of business by an inability to secure insurance flowing from the combustible building facades debacle. This involved combustible facades in high rise properties threatening the lives of hundreds of occupants on a global scale. What was the response? Claim the insurance!

Again the insurance industry collapsed and the Government was tasked with fixing the issues caused by risk avoiding individuals without consequence.

Quantus Solutions is Building a Solution

It is easy to identify that the building industry is broken, in a perfect world there would be no bureaucrats, no building licensing, no insurance policy, no failures and no lack of accountability. People would be free to build in peace and enjoy their environments. Our homes would be natural and protect us and our families to live in joy. This is our strategy.

The underlying issue for the building industry is that every new home building company is essentially doomed. They can't scale their business and the companies that do scale are toxic.

This is because of the insurance tail, the more homes that are completed the longer the insurance tail they carry and the harder it is to maintain and secure new insurance policies. The average builder has a more challenging future than present, the more work they complete the higher the risk. Some clients want a builder to fail so they can claim the insurance and may even encourage builders to fail with penalty clauses and damages that can't be managed.

Innovation is not rewarded, scar tissue is not promoted. It is a time, cost and risk avoidance snowball and it is unmanageable. A building company only needs one failure and they lose their business and can't secure insurance. The long standing builders have a monopoly and are forced to pass the risk and streamline their business into risk mitigation and pass the buck down the line to protect themselves. There is no support for failure and failure is not encouraged, innovation is avoided. In truth, we learn from failure, our biggest failures lead to innovation and demand new solutions. Failure is not sustainable, we always learn. No-one fails forever and we only have to win once. Only one builder needs to win to change the game for all. No-one knows who this one winning builder is, all we see is a collection of losers.

From the planets point of view and prospective, we are all losing right now. We are all losers and we must accept this fact. There is more than 0% risk of total failure of the planet as it pertains to a suitable environment to support human life. We are out of balance through policy and lack of insight.

The current system does not reward failure, nor does it properly calculate success. The most prolific and long standing house builders are the biggest polluters of CO2, the average home sold by a project home has over 60 tonnes of embodied CO2 within its components. Small builders are no better, they simply copy the specification of project builders and increase some finishes to "custom" builds and work on any site that is more tricky to get out of the ground that the project home builders cant technically handle.

This was not a conscious mistake, it was an unconscious action, we are sleep walking through the building cycle and the final bell is ringing to wake up. It is time for conscious change, to elevate our consciousness and imagine a solution. If we focus on the solution, we can move towards it, so what does the solution look like?

"Innovation is not rewarded, scar tissue is not promoted" We are living in fear.

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A Solution is Win Win Win

Here at Quantus Solutions we are innovators of a unique win win win business model for new home development and construction, we have bridged the gap between the old broken dualistic construction world and stand comfortably with a unique trilogy of harmony. Our buildings incorporate "implication" into their feasibility and business model. We calculate the implication by keeping a record of the embodied CO2 within our products and building components. In order to implement this unique procurement model, we have to embrace the existing system whist building a new supply chain in a new and improved manner, we have to look deeper at the nature of the underlying components and ask, how was it made? Who made it? Where did it come from and how long does it last?

We build lasting relationships, we promote full circle project controls, land owners having skin in the game and driving our focus on helping each other whist staying in the game, we are not planning to pollute the environment into extinction.

And the best news of all is, our homes are beautiful, just like you.

We can not measure success if we fail to include fun and joy. Learning and failures.

Quantus Solutions Vision - 2021 to 2030 - 300 homes (build yourself)

Strategic Goal. Staying in the Game. Winning is all about staying in the game!

Quantus Solutions has been in the game since 2013 and is in the process of single handily leading a small but competent team of construction workers and property developers to design, manage and build 300 homes. Simple, this is 0.1% of the residential market in Australia for new homes, a goal that is straight forward and in motion.

Our vision is to continue to create a negative carbon home that is scalable and free from defects.

You can't copy innovators, because they are at the leading edge of creation. They harness the power that creates worlds and hold the key to lasting change at the core of their being.

We are innovators and do not fear change, failure, criticism or the future. Success is guaranteed when we focus on a Win Win Win business model and shift into a more holistic approach to life. We operate and promote a single source, sovereign business model, Immersed in our own companies, people and affairs. We are building from the inside out, we have removed ourselves from the bureaucrats that support the old construction model, we avoid client work where stakeholders drive their own agendas and have more dualistic, win lose approach to business.

Therefore, we own our own land, and are always buying more. We are value adders, we develop our own properties and control our own growth. We care for the people that work with us directly and indirectly deeply, for we can't be successful without others, our success is limited as individuals and amplified infinitely with others. Supporting healthy construction work environments is what we do. Building health homes is what we are about.

Success is clearly in the journey, not the destination. An unhappy journey can not lead to a happy ending. We are proud of our achievements and we are pre-emptively grateful for our future success that is guaranteed, future accomplishments, future people, future friendships, future partners that are inevitable. We are focused on the fact that life is supposed to be fun, we are creating environments for families, from our prospective, that is about as fun as it gets.

As a result we have returned to harmony and balance is at the core of our individuals and companies. Our products speak for themselves. Forecasts are for 10 to 30 tonnes of carbon capturing per house per year with a scalable and business model. Total capturing by 2025, minimum 2,000 tonnes. A Win Win Win.

Single source business model that is resilient and learns from adversity, based on the anti-fragile model of Nicholas Toleb. Innovation is rewarded and failure is not punished.

We are a worlds first, a Win Win Win solution for worker, suppliers and the environment.

Through innovation we shall remove the burden of toxic CO2 and the shackle of fascist insurance through innovation, care and kindness.

We use resonant heart frequencies to guide our mood and influence our decision making. We are moving towards modular homes and construction techniques that are not legislated by bureaucrats and law makers that are crushing the building industry and stifling sustainable growth, allow builders to build without a "toxic tail".

We see the industry problem clearly, we are here to set an example to all builders that can be scaled.

We shall form and support a supply chain with key suppliers and innovators of sustainable building products and services.

No permission, no apology.

Strategic Goal 2025 to 2030 - 500 homes per year - $5bn Market Cap (build others)

Scale our carbon capturing technology to the world.

Deliver 1,000,000 tonnes of carbon capturing through sustainable, modular, defect resistant homes.

Open the business to clients.

Land bank and secure a $5bn portfolio of residential assets.

Become Australia's leading asset backed, new home supplier.