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Work with Daniel Roberts on your project and secure a reliable, sustainable and transformative solution to your development.

Quantus Solutions are a professional Quantity Surveying Firm offering high impact, affordable and sustainable value engineering services to land owners, builders, developers, suppliers and consultants. We offer friendly, reliable and cost affective reports that work with any project at any stage. We are experienced with projects from $200,000 the $1bn and offer strategic "Value Add" services geared towards design innovation that does not cost the earth.

We are living through a transformative period of history and we believe that sustainable innovations are set to become the most significant development to the built environment in living history. Building and construction has historically created cataphoric negative implications to the natural world, we offer a unique combination of education and leadership founded on sound academic principles, combined with practical, hands on experience. We know what it takes to transform your project.

Sustainable Building Made Easy

From Landfill to Lifestyle

Knowledge in motion is power. Here at Quantus Solutions we have done the hard work so you don't have to. We have invested years and millions of dollars in research and development into sustainable building techniques and strategies. We believe time is of the essence to take action and lead by example. We have a simple and scalable business model that offers value add professional service to project large and small. We work with local business to create sustainable relationships, education and advice that create lasting change. We put the hard work in to help you create the suppliers and connections required to safely, securely and reliably transform your project into a world class, sustainable development. We are proud of our capacity to help reduce landfill directly be partnerships with recyclers and product sourcing. We have an eye for quality and our help can transform your development without losing your original vision. We put clients first and there is no compromise when it comes to sustainable outcomes, if it is not a Win Win Win (owner, workers and world) it does meet the essential grade. Our simple systems make this possible and easy.

Express yourself, be creative, don't fear change

We believe every build should be unique as you are...

Here at Quantus Solutions we offer innovation with a difference. We support individual expression, we understand that conscientiousness is key to success and support individual stakeholders to bring forward their creative side, make a development fun, stress free and as unique as you are. This creates a deeper more personal connection to a development, bridges the gap between essential matters like programme, cost risk, opportunity and promotes individuals to make a mark on a development that they previously were not aware was possible. Building is fun and pleasurable. This is the Quantus Solution.

Training and Support, Building a Revolution

Quantus Solutions Offer Training and Support

Here at Quantus Solutions we understand that quality is more important than quantity. This requires more time and care to select and source, but in the end it is always worth it. Our value engineering services promote the use of recycled locally sourced timber to add value and quality to a development. Traditional (outdated) supply chains simply do not have the capacity to stock such items, the product consumers need to find to add that sustainable advantage are either not available or often end up in the landfill or wasted. We priorities our supply chain and have an approved list of trusted and capable recyclers to bring you cost affective, high value, low impact building products. Creating a sustainable development ensures that a new home has the depth and energy of a heritage building. This is simply not available without innovation and we are here to put the effort in so you receive the timeless rewards.

Nothing is off Limits when we BUILD a Sustainable Future

If it is not sustainable, it is unreliable

Here at Quantus Solutions we understand that to make an informed decision, we must look at the opposite. We always ask ourselves, if it is not sustainable, what is it? The answer is often confronting and unfortunately most of the construction materials and supply chains are not sustainable. People do not have a choice, history repeats and we all suffer. Many products are perishable, unreliable, defect ridden, poor quality, not fit for purpose, disappointing, short lived and at worst, manufactured in far distant lands where the cost of labour is exploited, the environment is damaged and life is cheap. These are the qualities we must avoid. In reality life is beyond value and the plant is priceless. We understand these principles and work within the UN Framework for Sustainable Developments to shift and replace building components at the design stage to ensure that the end product does not disappoint. We believe in buildings that are low impact and high value. We hope you are as excited as we are to shift the paradigm of how we think about building align our thoughts with the right actions to create lasting change.

We Can Mobilise Today

We have the plant and equipment to help you today

Quantus Solutions have invested in technologies and equipment that allow general contractors to begin building their sustainable hemp project today. Our unique services offer supply only, supply and installation, training and support and certification. Like with everything new, it is only easy when you know how. We are ready to help you today. If you are looking for advice, support, costings, value engineering, design development or help, we are are here for you. We work with every member of the industry to tailor a sustainable outcome for any project. Take advantage of our experience today, our consulting services start from free consultation to full design and build services. We are fully insured, have a panel of trusted suppliers and contractors. Can deliver projects from extensions to full multi unit developments. Have all the technical guides, quality control manuals, licenses and experience to help you. Contact us today and begin your sustainable project transformation journey.

Industrial Hemp is an Essential Commodity

Industrial Hemp shall change the built environment

We are proud to promote the use of Industrial Hemp as an alternative to traditional cavity wall construction techniques. Industrial hemp is mixed with lime to create Hempcrete an initially fast curing monolithic external fabric. Hemp is organic in nature, it is a plant and is free from the negative implications from other materials used in the construction industry. Hempcrete homes are inherently superior as they are free from vapour barriers and like you, they breath! Allowing moisture to permeate through the façade avoiding the negative implications of condensation and mold. There is no dampness inside the external fabric as water is kept away from the inside of the building with a breathable lime render. Humidity naturally regulates so your home is a living vibrant, breathing natural space. Using Hempcrete is revolutionary, it is has high insulation attributes, embodies carbon from the atmosphere, can be brought from seed to crop in 6 months, is fully natural, negative carbon and provides a better more reliable and sustainable building fabric. It ticks all the boxes and we are dedicated to helping the industry move into a cleaner, more sustainable and reliable future for all.

Survival of the Fittest, Resilience Meets Perseverance

Hemp was our Covid Solution

Here at Quantus Solutions we had been researching the practical use and advantages of Hempcrete leading up to the 2020 global pandemic. We knew that change was coming but we did not fully appreciate the scale and speed at which the world and industry would change. We were amazed that through the implementation of alternative construction techniques that were years in the planning we found ourselves standing inside a resilient bubble of opportunity. Our developments became easier to deliver as they were not subject the the red tape and bureaucrats that crush and limit change in the building industry. Were able to scale up, adapt and change our position easily. The outcome during the 6 months following the Covid pandemic was the production of world class affordable housing. We secured new investment, built new teams and created a point of difference that we are ready to bring to the world. If you want to work with our team we offer traditional quantity surveying, estimation and value engineering services. We have a rich and deep history of resilience and overcoming adversity. We have done all the hard work and learning so you do not have to. We have plans and copy right for modular constructions, have engineers, trusted suppliers and certifiers ready to mobilises at short notice. The feed back from the market and financiers is only positive, the sky is the limit for your project, we are here to help and can be contacted any time to discuss projects large and small. Please do not hesitate to reach out today.