Solutions are Always in the Context

What is a Quantus Solution?

Our founder, Daniel Roberts believes that Quantity Surveying is the most exciting profession ever! This is because he understands quality. Quality lasts over time, we are all too familiar that we live in a perishable society, where possessions physical and unfortunately relationships (irreplaceable) are disposable at best and defective at worst!

This attitude has driven every aspect of society and the planet to the limits. We have to look to history to find a solution. Quantus Solutions provide traditional Professional Quantity Surveying services for a 2020 world and generations beyond.

The Quantity Surveying profession is independent and sound and has roots that go back to 1666. In 1666 there was a "Great" fire in London. It was named Great for a reason, not only in scale, it was marked a positive end to negative period of history. There was tremendous discord so significant that there are no records of the total number of deaths, the destruction of property was in the order of $3bn in equivalent times.

In the years that processed the Great Fire of London the city had to begin the process of rebuilding almost the whole of the commercial center within the old Roman walls. But as well as new buildings, improvements in hygiene and wider streets, the following year 1667, something else sprang up from the ashes, the world’s first insurance company and like a pheonix rising from the ashes, the Quantity Surveying profession was born! Honest professionals were required out of crisis to assess, quantify, measure buildings and rebuild.

Quantus Solutions is founded on sound principles as they relate to the building and construction industry. Daniel Roberts is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor holds the required academic and practical experience to perform his duties and obligations. These minimum requirements were laid out as part of an APC training and interview with a panel of Chartered members of the RICS. The essential standard for membership was laid out by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and a framework of core, pathway specific (quantity surveying) and selective modules were selected for review.

Just like any professional, lawyer, doctor or medical practitioner, working within sound pre defined frameworks of competency, these are laid out to help individuals focus their priorities and training through continual monitoring over many years and practicing their newly developed skills in the real world, on live projects.

Becoming Chartered does not provide automatic entitlement to employment, contracts or opportunities. Nor is it a golden ticket for financial, individual freedom or a passport to happiness. It is the recognition of a minimum and essential standard to demonstrate that the individual has obtained a minimum grade and standard for ethics, training and experience. Becoming a Chartered Surveyor is the highest standard for professionals within the construction industry and if you apply yourself, focus, take the time and have the opportunity to gain the right experience, anyone can meet the minimum standard for the highest qualification. Chartered Surveyors are not better than anyone, they have just obtained more experience and receive the recognition for same. If you follow the path, you shall obtain the same results/recognition.

Chartered Surveyors are the "Gold Standard" for the construction industry, this is because the requirements are very high and standards are without comparison, if you aim high, you obtain high results. If you fail to aim, you get mediocre results. The requirements of the RICS have deep and meaningful roots that has stood the test of time (since 1868) and shall continue to proceed the present and future generations.

The capacity for Chartered Surveyors to professionally and ethically implement and consistently deliver complicated tasks with skill, accuracy and completeness is a fundamental and common foundation for all members. Similar standards exist within other areas of expertise and across industries such as the Chartered Institute of Accountants and the Institute of Engineers.

Within individuals areas of expertise, success is inevitable and predictable, not because of the talents and skills of the individual (although natural talents play a part) but due to the pre-existing framework of knowledge and experience that is required to perform that task.

If you were to take a doctor and place him into a role where he has no experience such as engineering, even if he has the capacity to learn and is intelligent and willing to do the work, he shall not perform his duties as an engineer until he has the minimum requirements of education, training and experience. Put the same doctor back into a medical environment and he shall excel at the tasks he is suitably qualified to perform.

Here at Quantus Solutions we are provide sound, reliable and sustainable consultancy services to all members of the built environment. If you are planning a build, no matter what the stage you are at, we have a professional QS service for your needs. Our promise is to add more value than we receive. Thank you.

Quantus Solutions are Here to Serve You

Here at Quantus Solutions we know that all desires are possible and necessary for individuals to achieve a fulfilled and abundant life. Construction projects can be very challenging and considerable skill and expertise is required at all stages. We also appreciate that not everyone has enough time to become a master at everything, therefore working with trusted partners is key to individual success.

If you want to recover from sickness, you need a good doctor, if you want to build a quality project, you need a good builder. If you want your project finances to be a success, you need a good Quantity Surveyor, it is that simple. Quantus Solutions understand their responsibilities are in service to members of the public to help facilitate a smooth and sustainable projects, we work with all members of a team, owners, financiers, designers and contractors as they relate to the minimum standards for professional quantity surveying.

We are a specialised firm offering traditional quantity surveying services and we are also proud innovators of alternative value add solutions for all developments. We lead by example and offer advice and training in relation to sustainable technologies. We are a dedicated and trusted servant of all aspect of good, positive, sustainable and have a mission to work towards reliable and lasting results for the built environment. We aim to leave the industry better than we found it.

We are here to support you and would be delighted to discuss any need you may have for your construction project.

Quantus Solutions Work in the Context

By employing Quantus Solutions you can expect to receive expert advice that is grounded in a variety of practical and academic experience. We always strive to add more value than our fees could ever compensate, we build trust by meeting all the essential matters. We aim to avoid problems before they manifest and are capable of meeting all challenges that may be presented by the building and construction industry. Because we have a broad spectrum of experience we can ensure that issues are resolved in appropriate detail and time to ensure your project is a success. Some of our capabilities include.

Financial Planning - Preparation of detailed cost reports based on basic or limited information. We can lead a design team through sound costing principles to ensure you project is designed and costed appropriately from day one.

Financial Certification - We are capable of preparing certification of interim works in progress. This is am important part of a project during construction and ensures that a builder is paid appropriately for interim works. We can produce cost to complete reports for your project to ensure there are no unexpected cost over runs at the later stage of a build.

Due Diligence - We are experience with preparing financial reviews of a construction project at any stage, through our practical knowledge of how to move a project forward we can assist any project at any stage providing clarification of essential issue and sound financial reporting.

Tender Support - We are capable of preparing tender schedules for owners, contractors and suppliers. We are able to write scope of works documents the ensure your project or trade is appropriately detailed and scheduled for competitive tendering.

Alternative Tendering - We are a supporter of alternative and collaborative tendering such as partnerships and shared savings contracts. Due to our philosophy of win win win we believe that we should always consider how we approach our contracts. We aim to facilitate reduce risk contracts where there are mutual gains outcomes rather than traditional risk avoidance and inappropriate allocation of risk. Everyone should win.

Value Engineering - We are passionate about value for money. We are one of Australia leading quantity surveying firms in our capacity to provide alternative sustainable design outcomes and source genuinely sustainable outcomes for your project and the planet.

Dispute Management - We are experienced in claims management and avoidance. We can provide support and advice in times of difficulty to ensure your project is "pulled out of the weeds". The construction industry is historically litigious and we accept this is an aspect of our present reality. We are here to support all members of the industry with their construction issues and provide hands on collaboration to manage and resolve your disputes.

All Problems Have a Solution

Our firm understands that problems are a matter of prospective and a Solution is always found in the context. Don't leave the context to chance, employ a suitable qualified Quantity Surveyor and Builder today and accept the peace of mind that you have a reliable resource to assist your project at every stage.

We aim to get ahead of issues before they manifest, but are experienced with all aspects of construction, procurement, tendering and financial. We are dedicated to sustainability and have a Quantus Solution for every project. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for assistance with your project today.