Do Banks Lend on Hemp Buildings?

Can You Finance a Hempbuild?

Yes you can! In-fact we recently raised $5.6m despite the Covid downturn and without any presales!

As they say, "preparation meets opportunity", success is all about having a vision! Like any capital raising, the credibility, capability, education, experience, capacity to deliver, history, insurance, certification and risk are significant considerations for any development, let alone a hemp build. It is important to work with a trusted and reliable specialist.

Quantus Solutions are the industry leaders in Hempcrete and sustainable building and can assist with securing development finance for projects from $500k to $100,000,000 from existing contacts and institutional investors.

Contact us today to receive a project review and see if you project may be eligible for investment and development as an Eco development. It is likely that only sustainable developments shall receive finance in the coming years as the United Nations have a 2030 plan for changing international laws to focus on sustainability. This shall include investments and changes to the way that banks are allowed to lend and look at their loan applications. Locally social influencers are working to shape the banking sector, these changes are coming and sustainable building are literally the future.

The construction industry is desperate for reliable, clean and sustainable developments, historically developments have been low quality, unreliable and comprised of unethically sources and toxic building components.

Quantus Solutions offer financial reporting to assist your development or build with robust, reliable and accurate costings to ensure you have all the right answers to the important questions you shall be given when financing your build.

Due to the significant market appeal of a Sustainable Hemp Development, working with a trusted and reliable hemp builder shall ensure you can convert your build into a value add Sustainable Development in no time at all!

Quantus Solutions work with:-

  1. Building Companies looking to convert to a Hemp Business model

  2. Owners Looking to build a value add development with Hempcrete

  3. Entrepreneurs that want to change industry and work in an emerging market

  4. Consultants and designers that which to promote the benefits of Hempcrete to their clients

  5. Certifiers that require help and training to understand how to inspect and sign off on a hemp build

  6. Banks and Investors looking for independent audit and strategies on how to invest into the sustainable market

We are here to help, promote and facilitate a sustainable, reliable and harmonious construction projects.