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Sustainable Hempcrete Homes FOR SALE - No Agency Fees

Below is a range of new homes for sale, featuring upgraded finishes, natural limestone tiles, upgraded interior, upgraded exterior, full eco build, recycled timber finishes, none toxic building materials, raised garden beds, hempcrete external fabric. Beautiful.

Nominated Finalist Development in RICS awards 2020 for most sustainable development of the year. Delivered by award nominated team and innovators of sustainable Hempcrete constructions.

$35,000 First Home Buyer Eligibility and Deposits From $1,000

Deposit has to be paid before 31.12.2020 Don't Delay


Below is a list of recently completed, discounts for quick sale properties. These homes are used and were completed in 2018. They are NOT eligible for first home buyers and are NOT Hempcrete build. They do NOT have upgraded fittings, they are priced for quick sale.

Discounted Stock for Quick Sale - By Developer - No Agency Fees.